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Learn how it all began...

As long as she could remember, Kate Benson knew her parents' teenage romance was passionate. Theirs was first love; new, exciting and sizzling hot. She'd always wondered how two people who loved each other so completely couldn't make it work. 

As she lay in a hospital bed, Kate persuades her anxious mother to spill the details. Nikki recounts every detail of the torrid relationship from the first meeting as High School sophomores until the night that would change their relationship forever. 

After he broke her heart nearly three years before, the last person Nicole Caulfield thought she would run into on a warm spring afternoon was her first love, Jesse Sullivan. One look was all she needed to remember their hot, steamy romance; when his eyes met hers, she could feel just how much he still wanted her. 

She had worked diligently to move on, away from Jesse and was enjoying a successful career and a fulfilling love life with her new boyfriend, Billy Thompkins that seemed to be headed toward the altar. However, with Jesse back in her life, Nikki finds herself battling familiar old feelings while working to forge relationship between Jesse and their three-year-old daughter, Kathy. 

As the summer approaches, temptation continues to grow; the heat between Nikki and Jesse becomes unbearable and all too soon she is swept seashells on the sand. 

Her mind trapped in a reality that occurred seven years prior, Nikki Caulfield is recovering from a brain injury following a brutal attack. Everyone around her tries to help fill in the gaps, which just don't make sense. Believing she is still an eighteen-year-old cheerleader she grows frustrated and temperamental with her family. 

The handsome and sexy Billy Thompkins, a stranger in Nikki's mind insists they are engaged and planning a lavish wedding beyond anything she'd ever dreamed. Her boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan, looks at her with the same love and desire that she feels, yet insists they are no more than friends. Even more absurd to Nikki is that everyone is telling her she has a three-year-old daughter that she has no memory of. 

As if her confusion wasn't enough, her injury left her with no inhibitions or restraint. Billy sits hour upon hour talking about wedding planning and house hunting, and all Nikki wants to do is lock the door and get busy with Jesse. What's a horny teenager supposed to do? 

Every Grain of Sand

Recounting the torrid details of a first love that left her a single mom, Nikki Caulfield-Thompkins faces the demise of her perfect love with Jesse Sullivan. Recalling in vivid detail the thrill of their young love, the depths of their desire and the dark side of passion. 

At a young age, the two held together to deal with challenges that would have torn others apart. Following a loss that makes them both grow up too quickly, they bond together as they finish their High School careers and head off to college. 

New challenges and threats abound as the two live outside of the rules of their parents and indulge in the freedoms they are given. Experimentation, exceeding limitations and throwing caution to the wind, leave them with no where to go and their relationship slips through their fingers, like grains of sand.