About Me

I started the way other writers start, tailoring chapters or excerpts and sending to book publishers, only to get the standard "thank you but we are not reading unsolicited manuscripts...yada, yada, yada." During this time, I started to write All That I Am (which my friends and I determined was too long for one book, so it became two). I also started to talk to a co-worker, who did graphic arts on the side, and she wanted to not only read my stories, but make covers for them too! And, all my friends who read my stories, also edited for grammar and typos!

So, with edited books, covers and the advent of self publishing, I stood on the pile of thanks but no thanks letters and uploaded The Dragonfly series. It's been a fun and educational experience, writing and self publishing a total of five series at this point! I still can't believe that. When I tell people how many books I have published, they're usually shocked. 

I write because I have to write. It's who I am and what helps to fulfill me. The idea that people read and enjoy stories I've written, makes me so happy. The fact that I make a little money on the side, definitely doesn't hurt.

So, thank you so much for reading as I keep writing.

I have been writing novels since I am twelve years old. My first was a story that began with an obsession I had with The Beatles and evolved into a fictional story of a girl who met Paul McCartney when The Beatles were getting popular in England before they came to America; they date, marry and live happily ever after. About a year in, I changed all the names (this was long before fan fiction was a thing.) I wrote this book for years. Years and years actually. Handwritten in three-ring binder note books. I honestly don't know what happened to it. Once upon a time, it was stored in my attic.


I stopped writing for a very long time as I fell in love, got married, had children; I even started to write actual news stories for my local newspaper. But something was missing. My mother asked what happened to my book, and that sparked me to start writing again. I wrote whenever I could steal away some time and that book turned into Every Grain of Sand. I wrote it for no reason, but to write it; that is, until I mentioned to my friend that I had written a book and she insisted on reading it. Then she insisted that I publish it, because she really liked it.