What the hell was he thinking? 
When businessman Barrett Strong returns home to expand the empire he started in Europe, the last thing on his mind was a hook up. But that's exactly what happens when he picks up a beautiful woman drinking alone in a hotel bar on a Thursday morning, instead of going to a lucrative business meeting. And this is where the story of Barrett and Ella begins - this time from Barrett's point of view. 

The Supplements

My life was perfect and that should have tipped me off. My dreams were coming true and I should have expected to get the rug pulled out from under me. But I was blind-sided and came face to face with the most difficult loss of my life. Everyone always said how strong I was, but it took nearly losing my soul mate for me to see just how strong I needed to be.

With Barrett Strong in my life, I felt like I could tackle any obstacle. As I faced the last of the demons of my past, I felt myself growing stronger and happier. Dreams I had never allowed myself to dream were coming true. 

I should have known better. Good things just didn't happen to some people; and when they did, they came with a price. I had everything I could ever want in my hands, when a cruel twist of fate threatened to take everything away from me.

My attraction to Barrett Strong was like none I’d ever encountered in my life. I was drawn to him instantly and didn’t think twice about blowing off a critical meeting to spend the next several days in his hotel room. He oozed the perfect mixture of sex appeal and confidence that I could get lost in, and I did. 
After turning me inside out, he made a proposition using words I understood: straight forward and direct, casual, and no strings attached. Happily ever after wasn’t written at the end of my life and if I could have a good time with a hot guy, I was all in. 
Then it happened. I fell for him so hard that I started to imagine having things in my life that I never dreamed of. I dreamed of romance and…gulp…love. After an extremely hot night in one of the club’s he’d recently acquired, I made it my mission to have the fairy tale ending; and to have it with Barrett. 

Note: This series contains explicit materials intended for audiences age 18+ 

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"Ella and Barrett Rock!"

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More to come:

Readers asked for more Carson & Bryn - look for Inner Strength coming Fall 2015 and learn how this young couple rebuilt their marriage after a devastating car accident threatened to end it all, and what put Bryn in that car in the first place. Alternating between Bryn and Carson's points of view, secrets are revealed that neither wanted the family to know.

I never imagined I'd have a normal life, never mind a fairy tale. But that was exactly what Barrett was promising me: a dream wedding, a honeymoon in paradise, and a happily ever after that I never expected. In his arms, I was lost in dreams of a perfect future. 
I'd made it my mission to get him to love me and now that he did, I couldn't help but wonder why he did; and when he'd wake up and realize he'd made the mistake of his life. 
I had demons that needed to be faced and not just ones that existed in my mind. Searching for justice for the young girl I once was, some very real men were about to come face to face with their pasts; but so was I. 
The truths I was about to learn were worse than the ones I already knew. When I learned that the key to my happily ever after was in the hands of the monster who perhaps took the most from me, I was faced with a decision that might not only destroy my marriage, but also my sanity.