...Others Are Chosen

Some People Make Choices...

Imagine a world where Satan could take human form and procreate, populating the world with his own descendants in an effort to build his own kingdom. A world filled with rituals and obligations, that draws the faithful and traps the beholden; where fate is written in blood and the only salvation is free will.

The Chosen Series

Satan's Son

Livvy Collins arrives in Salem, Massachusetts to spend the summer before her senior year of college with her extended family after her mother is moved into a nursing home across the country. Moments after her arrival, she meets the strikingly beautiful and flawless Michael Faively and is drawn to him like she's never been drawn to anyone before. Their bond grows quickly and she's already committed to him when she learns his secret: Michael is a son of Satan, and he has obligations that very intimately involve Livvy.

Satan's Mistress

Raising children isn't easy for any mother, but descendants of Satan come with their own set of challenges; challenges that are proving to be too much for Livvy to handle. As she fights with all she has to save her children from their cursed existence, she fears losing them to the darkness of their ancestry. When the dark promises of their future completely encompass her, she does the unthinkable; she makes a deal with the devil himself.

Satan's Choice

The time has come for another descendant to bear an heir, as Livvy and Michael's firstborn son comes of age. His parents have a neat and tidy little plan for him to fulfill his obligation and move on with his life, free to pursue his dreams and true love without inflicting the horrors of his birthright on his soulmate. At the same time, his wild twin sister lives life on the edge, embracing all the darkness he shuns and wreaking havoc on the whole family. But as the birth of the newest descendant approaches, the Prince of Darkness pays another visit to Livvy that leads to a final face-off in which she is left to fight for her very soul. 

She wasn't looking for a match made in Heaven, but certainly wasn't expecting a match made in Hell

Content Advisory: This book contains satanic rituals, sexual situations and violence.