Are the leading men based on your husband? He'd certainly like to think so! I will say that each leading man has a trait or two of my husband, however no two are alike, so I couldn't say any of them is more like him than the others. The thing I most commonly draw from regarding my husband, however, is the complete love and passion the focus couple feel for each other. I believe that people have the capacity to get swept up in another person and build a forever.

If these stories were made into movies, do you have actors you have envisioned playing these characters? Their physical descriptions are often inspired by actors I think are sexy. Yes, I could cast each of these stories with actors everyone would know; however, I won't print my ideas because the best part of a book is creating an image in the reader's mind. 

Were you inspired to write your stories by Fifty Shades of Grey? No. My first two published series were written and read by friends before the release of Fifty Shades. However, the success of it inspired me to do something with them, other than keep them in piles in my house. A friend who read (and eventually named) Spelled in Shells, read Fifty Shades before me and told me I had to publish my books. So, in that regard, I tip my hat to EL James. And yes, I have read the Fifty Shades series.

With the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey, many are calling it glorified domestic abuse. Do you believe that Anastasia Steele is a victim? No, I do not. The best thing about books is that the reader is able to interpret them in their own way. No two readers will have the exact same experience or opinion. In my opinion, she always had the upper hand in the relationship with Christian. He was honest with her and even warned her away a few times. She was curious and saw something inside of him that many didn't. I did see the movie and think that Dakota Johnson did a very good job of bringing strength to the character. I enjoy complex characters; and both Christian and Ana are complex.

Are you working on any other stories/series currently? Always. The project I am currently working on will be my first foray into the supernatural, which has been a lot of fun to write, because I'm not prohibited by fact or even the rules of nature. I'm hoping to have that released by the end of 2015 or early 2015. I have also written outlines for another trilogy "Faith, Hope and Joy", consisting of three stand alone novels which I expect to release next summer. I am also in the early stages of joining a group of authors for a 2016 Holiday Box Set. A lot of exciting and busy things ahead - so stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you come up with story ideas? Basic story lines have come to me in dreams, while driving and sometimes from something someone says. The characters reveal themselves and determine their own storyline.


On a beautiful August night last summer I had the opportunity to meet with the Book Walkers Club in Greenwood Lake, New York to discuss The Dragonfly Series. Great group of ladies.

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Do you base your characters on real people? Yes and no. I have used personality traits in characters, but have not used people's own experiences. For example, in The Dragonfly Series, Paige Campbell is based on my own mother's personality and beliefs. She loves and accepts, even when hurt or disappointed. It was my mother who introduced me to The Legend of the Dragonfly. However, she was not married out of High School and did not lose a husband and daughter in a fire.