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                                     “HOLY HOTNESS”

                                     “Better Than Fifty Shades”

                                     “Scorching Love Story

The story continues... 

Seven years have gone by since the steamy romance of Kelly Campbell and Trey Treiger heated up a sleepy factory town and now they reign supreme as respected pillars of the community. Nothing can topple the world Trey built; nothing, except David Campbell. 

Back for a family wedding, David's mere presence creates turmoil in the perfect marriage. The world is turned on its side as the past and present create a perfect storm of upheaval. Secret passions are ignited and latent fantasies soar to the surface. 

The final installment of the Dragonfly Series offers plot twists with the turn of a page and uncovers many deep dark secrets. 

Happiness was so close Kelly could almost taste it. Following a torrid affair and public exposure, she was reunited with her soul mate, Trey Treiger and expecting a longed for baby. She dreamed of escaping her abusive and troubled past and finally living the fairy tale life Trey offered. 

But fairy tales aren't always sunshine and roses. Unsure of her child's paternity, she was trapped living in the small town that shunned her as an adulterer. Her estranged husband, David Campbell, grew more bitter with each passing day as he battled his intense love for her which often crossed the line to hatred. And then there was the ever persistent fear of losing the baby she carried or not surviving its birth, due to a severe medical condition. 
However, Kelly remains determined to put her past behind her and finally get everything she wants: a happy marriage, a healthy child and a safe home with the man she loves. 

But lurking in the shadows of Kelly's fairy tales is a villain bent on destruction and revenge that threatens not only Kelly's happy ending, but her very life. 

This series contains explicit material and is best suited for mature audiences, 18+.

The Dragonfly Series

Copyright 2016. Elisabeth Mayer. All rights reserved.

Bradford “Trey” Treiger the Third was used to getting what he wanted; and he wanted Kelly. Since she ran from him years before, getting her back had become his sole obsession. Using everything at his disposal, power, money and ruthless determination, he finds her settled into a comfortable, quiet existence in Nowhere, USA and plans to reclaim what he’d lost. 

David Campbell is living the lived he’d always planned with his beautiful wife, Kelly in his charming hometown, working at the plant that is the life’s blood of the community. When a large corporation purchases the company and he is immediately promoted to Vice President, he believes all his dreams have finally come true. With opportunities abounding, David finally sees his opportunity to take the company and his town into the 21st Century and is walking on air. 

Kelly Campbell has secrets. Hiding from her past in a picture perfect life, she has no idea of the storm brewing ahead when her husband tells her about his promotion. Thrilled for him, she meets him for a celebratory dinner and her past and present collide. Will her future be with the man she loves or the one she can’t live without?